CAD and Excel part list for 85 square meter house




I have a project on YouTube where I rebuild my burned down house. (Click this link, opens in new window) My visitors have asked for blueprints for the house which I haven’t had because I build as I go. I have had an approximate Sketchup model that I followed until now. Now I have drawn up the entire house with all the layers needed to build a modern and energy efficient house. The drawings have taken several weeks to put together so I will charge a small fee for the model. I also include a free version of Sketchup make 2017 that I myself use when I draw my drawings. The software is activated for 30 days as a PRO version and then it switches to Make, which is good enough and is free forever. By purchasing these blueprints, you will gain a thorough understanding of all the layers needed to build a house. At the same time, you support me and my upcoming project where I will build another house but on a larger scale.

The drawings are of Scandinavian standard but you can easily add what is required for your standards. The drawings are structurally correct without going into excessive detail. This is more of an overview of the construction so that you can see all the layers. If you are new to the area, you have a very good foundation to start from. In Scandinavia, we build installation walls, vapor barriers, “Hammer bands” as well as cross-insulate etc. and everything can be seen on the drawings. The panel around the house is also the way I build in my videos and a good overview if you plan to change the fa├žade to a more classic one.

This file also includes an Excel file that you can modify to get the total price and consumption of materials. The file contains all the parts I use to build the actual construction of the house. The file can be changed and the sum is changed automatically. In this way, you can get an overview of what it costs to build a house.

Your files are available in your control panel after your payment. The file comes in .zip format and must be unzipped. (Right click and extract)


Thank you for your support!